Sagamore Development Company, Community Leaders and Local Officials Celebrate Port Covington Manufacturing Bootcamp

Feb 16, 2017

Baltimore, Md. — Sagamore Development Company, community leaders and local public officials, including Mayor Catherine E. Pugh, today celebrated the second participant class of the Port Covington Manufacturing Bootcamp.  Launched in the fall of 2016, the Port Covington Manufacturing Bootcamp is a first-of-its-kind workforce development pre-apprenticeship program.  It was created to teach Baltimore-area residents a broad range of skills and offer exposure to building trades, with the goal of better equipping participants to explore job opportunities and careers in manufacturing.

Inside The Foundery, a maker-space and workforce development hub at City Garage in Port Covington, community leaders and elected officials gathered Thursday to laud the program’s success and Sagamore Development’s commitment to engaging, preparing and developing Baltimore’s workforce for future jobs and careers in manufacturing.  The Port Covington Manufacturing Bootcamp is one of many programs sponsored by Sagamore Development to ensure that the economic success of Port Covington is shared by Baltimore’s residents and workers.

Baltimore City Mayor Catherine Pugh said: “The Port Covington Manufacturing Bootcamp is exactly the kind of workforce development program Baltimore needs today.  This pre-apprenticeship course is not just about preparing Baltimore workers for jobs; it¹s about preparing them for careers. It provides a strong complement to the workforce development programs available throughout Baltimore City.   This is about the long game and I commend Sagamore Development and their partners for already delivering on promises made to help train, cultivate, develop and hire Baltimore¹s workforce.”

The six-week course is led by The Foundery and the Center for Urban Families (CFUF) and sponsored by Sagamore Development, Whiting-Turner, and The Commercial Group. The first Port Covington Manufacturing Bootcamp, which ran from November 2016 to January 2017, consisted of eight Baltimore City residents. All eight participants received job offers from local employers immediately following the first Bootcamp.

The second Bootcamp began on February 7, 2017 and includes 16 participants. Participants are determined by the Foundery and Center for Urban Families.

Alicia Wilson, Vice President of Community Affairs and Legal Advisor for Sagamore Development said, “This is a truly unique workforce development and career training program – and it’s already seen tremendous success.   Sagamore is proud to partner with the Center for Urban Families and the Foundery to help bring a strong group of participants together to train for jobs and careers of the future.”

The program requires participants to take classes from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., four days a week at The Foundery, located at City Garage in Port Covington. Classes focus on a wide variety of skills, including woodworking, welding, CNC (computer numerically controlled) machinery, textiles, 3D printing, and more.

Joseph T. Jones, Founder, President & CEO, Center for Urban Families said, “The Port Covington Manufacturing Bootcamp should serve as a model workforce development program here in Baltimore. The Bootcamp participants are ready to work, excited to work – and now, they will have unique skills and hands-on experience to bring to potential employers.”

CFUF’s mission is to “strengthen urban communities by helping fathers and families achieve stability and economic success. Since 1999, CFUF has helped over 27,000 vulnerable Baltimoreans receive services from the organization’s various programs. CFUF provides the bridge that many need to attain stability while being a national leader on responsible fatherhood, workforce development, strengthening urban families and black male achievement.”

With the support of Sagamore Development, Whiting-Turner, and The Commercial Group, The Foundery and CFUF have created a program that affords participants a membership to The Foundery and a stipend to purchase supplies or to take additional classes. As members of The Foundery, participants have full access to the maker space during business hours and many chose to use the membership to stay after class to work on projects, or network and collaborate with members outside of the program.

Tim Regan, President and Chief Executive Officer of The WhitingTurner Contracting Company, said: “We are proud to be a partner and support the Port Covington Manufacturing Bootcamp.  Some of our sub-contractors have already hired a number of its graduates and we can say that as employers, the skills they have learned have been invaluable and will prepare them for long careers in manufacturing.”

In the final week of the Port Covington Manufacturing Bootcamp, participants choose a specialized manufacturing skill to learn in order to complete a final project. A small ceremony will be held at the conclusion of the program for family, friends and local employers. Following the ceremony, participants have the opportunity to display their final projects, meet local employers and discuss potential employment.


About Sagamore Development Company: Sagamore Development is a Baltimore-based commercial real estate development company, majority-owned by Kevin Plank, the founder, chairman and CEO of Under Armour. Sagamore Development was co-founded by Plank and Marc Weller, who serves as president and is a principal of Sagamore Development. Sagamore is a full-service real estate development company with expertise in property management, leasing, construction and development. A member of the Plank Industries group of companies, Sagamore Development is the master developer for Port Covington, a large scale urban mixed-use redevelopment project in South Baltimore. Sagamore Development is also the master developer for a variety of projects including City Garage, Sagamore Pendry Baltimore and the Sagamore Spirit Distillery. For more information, visit,,, and

About The Foundery:

The Foundery Inc. was founded in 2013 on the principles of community, education, and innovation. Its mission is to provide access to industrial grade tools and education, with the goal of sparking creativity and innovation within the community. For more information, visit

About The Center for Urban Families:

Since its founding in 1999, CFUF has remained at the front-line of addressing some of Baltimore’s most pressing issues including poverty, unemployment, father-absence and family disintegration. Through attitudinal-based employment training, service and support for low-income fathers and family-based programs, CFUF continues to further its mission to strengthen urban communities by helping fathers and families achieve stability and economic success. For more information about CFUF’s programs, visit