Weller Development Company Moves HQ Location to Port Covington

Nov 20, 2019

Lead developer of Port Covington announces new office location at 101 W Dickman St.

Baltimore, Md. – Weller Development Company, the lead developer of Port Covington, today announced that it will move its headquarters to a new office space at City Garage in Port Covington.

Weller Development Company is currently located at 1000 E. Key Highway in Locust Point, and its move to City Garage allows the company to be further integrated into the development and construction of Port Covington, while also allowing the organization to accommodate its growing workforce. The company has grown to 60 employees, doubling in size since 2016.

“Port Covington is on the move, and so are we,”  said Marc Weller, Founding Partner of Weller Development. “Our expanding team is keeping pace with the growth and momentum of Port Covington and we can’t wait to move closer to the daily action and construction on the ground.”

The new 13k square foot office will host all employees in an open floor plan. It also features a state-of-the-art sales center to help attract businesses, retailers and investors to Port Covington.

The new office is being designed by renowned interior designer Wingate Hughes and local architect Waldon Studios, and constructed by Baltimore-based construction management firm, Southway Builders. It will also feature a hand-painted art piece by Baltimore muralist, Will Brown.

Weller Development plans to fully operate from its new office space at 101 W Dickman Street beginning in January 2020. Weller Development joins Under Armour, Betamore, Baltivirtual, Sagamore Spirit, and The Baltimore Sun as major office tenants located in Port Covington.


About Weller Development Company

Weller Development is a privately-owned real estate development firm led by Marc Weller, a senior real estate executive with over 25 years of experience developing and building residential, commercial, and mixed-use real estate projects. Offering a unique and powerful range of expertise for all phases of development, Weller Development is the lead developer of Port Covington, a 235-acre mixed-use redevelopment project in Baltimore City that is one of the largest urban renewal efforts in the United States. For more information, visit www.wellerdevelopment.com.